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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life can be funny. Peculiar, to be exact. This morning my blissful sleep(induced by the huge amount of intoxicants I gulped down the previous evening, ahhhh, that reminds me of Oly, what a place!!!!!) was hit by a row of shrill cries and moanings and I woke to find that the ninety year old lady who lived next door had died. It felt quite strange. To start the day with a death. Though I wasn't very close to her, I have been seeing her standing on the barandah and talking with everyone who chanced upon to pass that way, from my very childhood. I sort of got used to her. Everytime I left my home for some errand, I heard her asking kothay cholle baba? She, her questions and her time out in the barandah had almost become a part of my daily routine. The instant my mother informed me of her death, the first thing to strike me was there would be no more questions from tomorrow. Maybe, felt a little sad too. In the afternoon when I was going out for my driving lessons I saw her body being taken to the burning ghaats in a car. The bed they carried her on was decorated with rajanigondha flowers. I stopped for a while, looked at the scene, paid a silent tribute to her soul and walked out of the golly. And there it was!! Another scene that hit me instantly. The decorator just opposite the golly was at his work, vehemently decorating a wedding car. And he used flowers to do so. Rajanigondha flowers. I pondered over the scene for a moment. Thought of the different facets of life. Smirked. Laughed a little. And went away to my work.
Life indeed can be funny. Peculiar, to be exact.

4 blabberings:

"sen"sational said...

Tomar holo shuru, amar holo sara? :)

Necromancer said...

Shuru to noy...dutoi shara, in different connotations. :o)

On another tone, this is so familiar...
In a "peculiar" way, every death is.

oracle said...

Life is ridiculous at times, methinks.
its best to view life from the eye of a casual onlooker.

hnu hnu bawa!8)

The none said...


duToi shara? :-P haaR-e haaR-e bujhchho naki? :-D

gNeRe modon-er kaaj-i taai. khali dekhe jaoa aar majhe majhe buli kopchano. :-P