Square one

Saturday, December 31, 2011

So, the tumblr experiment was epicfail. Not that I didn't write on the other blog. I just couldn't figure out tumblr. But then a friend said that tumblr was way easier to figure out than blogger. That probably confirms my hunch that I am indeed slow. I knew it all along. While the world thought that the slowness was confined to Milan Kundera's books or my running on sports fields, there was a part in me that suspected otherwise. But that brings us nowhere, does it now? If I knew I was slow, how could I be slow? I again suspect that one day I shall start resembling Bertrand Russell.

As far as resemblance goes, I was watching television while I was home in Calcutta (which again is quite astonishing given the fact that my dad always holds the remote tight in his hands and falls asleep), and I couldn't help but notice that this famous bengali actor totally resembles the wild boars in Asterix comic books. Without the horns that is. I am in no way implying that the actor is not horny or kinky. That I have no way of knowing. Or so I atleast hope.

As for the word "kinky", it can be traced back to the famous rock 'n roll band from the 60's called "The Kinks". Now, why they called themselves that, no one had any idea. But they sure knew what they were doing because soon enough one of them (probably someone called kink) developed certain kinks in their ways and wrote a whole song for a transvestite. Henceforth, anyone who wrote songs for transvestites are known as kinky.

Last but not the least, the title. If I was writing a book, I would never use that. You know, square one is one itself. And given the fact that paper is so expensive nowadays, it is always advisable to use one instead of square one. Saves atleast a word. After all, its only words and words are all we have to take your minds away from the otherwise seriously mundane and mundanely serious matters of life. And now I am quoting pop bands. I am telling you this is not a good year.