Friday, January 30, 2009

These are the two new posters on my bedroom wall. Yay! :D And I also plan to buy posters of "Cannibal holocaust" and "Ichi the killer" tomorrow :D

We are having a saraswati pujo this year too. But the difference is, this year I am the purut thakur. That means I have to find my poite(which I threw away long time ago) and resist myself from eating beef for a whole day. Moreover, I need to sit on the floor for a long time. Which, I am not sure if I will be able to do. But on the brighter side, I will get some dokhhinas surely. And I also get to have batasa, nokuldana, sweets, khichuri, chutney etc. Quite a fair deal, methinks.

And also, Savita Bhabhi needs contributions from us readers to keep entertaining us with tales of her sexual escapades. Please donate and support the wonderfully foxy lady in her great quest of filling the void that is Indian adult entertainment. I am donating. Are you? (and I don't mean, erm, donations in kind :D)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wherever we are headed, its not gonna be a nice world to live in.

Food frenzy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seems like cribbing in the blogsphere indeed has its merits. Once earlier, I cribbed about having not enough new clothes. Reading that, fellow bloggers offered to buy me all kinds of not-so-nice pants and tee-s. Then again, only a few days before I cribbed about being robbed of two very thin and not-so-good-tasting cheesecake slices by my friends. One of them chanced to read the post and promptly treated me to a very-good-tasting cheesecake. Out of compassion or guilt, I don't give a damn. I got my cake and I love him for it. I shalt from now on cry more often about almost everything in my sight or mind. And hope that more people read my blog.

In the last week, I had, lets see, ummmm
1)home made pizza. which was yummy.
2)some french dessert with french toast and caramel.
3)noodles, crabmeat, shrimp, chicken and fried ice cream in a Thai joint.
4)mid-eastern food consisting of babaganoush, hummus, grilled lamb and kosher chicken.
5)Chinese food, Indian style. just the way I love it.
6)delightful ingira bread, lamb, chicken and tiramisu cake in an Ethiopian restaurant. and I also found out that Ethiopian girls can be very beautiful. our waitress almost looked like Cleopatra's drawings in the history books.
7)Taj Mahal beer. after ages.

All the food, the waitresses, the nice company, the walks through the streets of a snowing New York and two almost satisfying bridge-playing sessions after, I am ready for a new semester. Life has been good in the past week. I only hope to repeat these words every weekend.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Seems as if I am extremely adept at screwing up whatever little good life has in store for me. I just wish things were different.

Tera emoSSional atyachaar

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yay! I downloaded the full OST of Dev.D and its totally awesome. Whoever Amit Trivedi is, he has composed 18 tracks for the film and all of them sound completely refreshing, different from each other and mostly great. For the enthusiasts, there're rock elements, touches of jazz, bhangra and even traditional wedding song types. My more learned senior tells me that there are very clever uses of hindusthhani raag music too(which I am quite ignorant about). All in all its a wonderful collection of music("tera emoSSional atyachaar" being the best of the lot) which I am literally hooked to right now. And the trailer also looks simply mouth-watering. Thanks to Anurag Kashyap Indian film will finally make its foray into psychedelia and I have never been this excited about a hindi film that hasn't got SRK in it. So, there you go. You can comprehend how eagerly I await the release.

Talking of hindi films and SRK, thanks to Diviani, I finally got hold of a working link of "Rab ne bana di jori" online. I won't waste words on how much I liked it. Just that SRK was totally brilliant as Surinder Sahni. Anyone who differs can go eat shit. Someone recently opined that I am suffering from deep melancholia and need some serious counselling. Also, I had a fearsome bout of insomnia for a few days. But I have discovered the cure to everything. I have promptly downloaded a dvd quality print of "Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge" and every night before hitting the sack, I watch select parts of the film. That way I get good sleep with nice dreams and be happy, very happy.

Btw, I have watched DDLJ "n" times(n>100) before. And still, every time I watch it, Raj and Simran make me "fall in love....all over again".

Monday, January 5, 2009

I feel deprived.

I bought myself two slices of fudge brownie cheesecake. But my friends robbed me of it, cut them in five thin slices and gave me only one :( Then we went to a friend's birthday party. We bought a tiramisu cake for her. She cut it into six almost equal pieces and one small piece. As luck would have it, I had the smaller piece :( When I wanted some coke, she only gave me diet coke. That too on the rocks, the ice diluting the coke and hence making it even worse :( Then we had an excellent dinner, thanks to her. But later in the night I had a stomach upset and all the chicken, parota, paayes that had gone in, went out in a "flush" :(

Ohh, while having dinner, another friend was trying to use a fork to eat a naan. I quipped "are you trying to fork a nun?". And felt better for at least a moment.

Still, I feel deprived.

I think, I need to get a whole cheesecake for myself to get over everything :(

Happy New Year

Friday, January 2, 2009

May all of you be showered with bottles of Jack Daniels everyday this year. Wish you all a very happy 2009. Ullas!