Monday, January 5, 2009

I feel deprived.

I bought myself two slices of fudge brownie cheesecake. But my friends robbed me of it, cut them in five thin slices and gave me only one :( Then we went to a friend's birthday party. We bought a tiramisu cake for her. She cut it into six almost equal pieces and one small piece. As luck would have it, I had the smaller piece :( When I wanted some coke, she only gave me diet coke. That too on the rocks, the ice diluting the coke and hence making it even worse :( Then we had an excellent dinner, thanks to her. But later in the night I had a stomach upset and all the chicken, parota, paayes that had gone in, went out in a "flush" :(

Ohh, while having dinner, another friend was trying to use a fork to eat a naan. I quipped "are you trying to fork a nun?". And felt better for at least a moment.

Still, I feel deprived.

I think, I need to get a whole cheesecake for myself to get over everything :(

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Amazing Greys said...

ebar sobai ke janiye diye eka eka cheesecake khele to abar pet kharap hobe. :P :P

Tista said...

You're correct in thinking that cake (of any variety) can fix almost anything. Happy eating :P

Flittermouse said...

fork a nun!!!!! :D

kobe theke erom petuk holi bawa??? cheese ckae tao abar???? :P

Hatturi Hanzo said...

@amazing greys

se hokge. tao khabo :D


thank you thank you. how are the cakes in moscow?


ami moTeo peTuk noi. ami khadyorosik. borabor-i.

Huko-Mukho Hangla said...

oh dear. i actually have the number of an amazing cheesecake bakery on my cell... so yes, i believe in the philosophy: "cheesecake fulfills me" you are an odd banda to still feel deprived

Hatturi Hanzo said...

I demand the phone number. please :D

Huko-Mukho Hangla said...

lol... too bad it's in NY :P