Food frenzy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seems like cribbing in the blogsphere indeed has its merits. Once earlier, I cribbed about having not enough new clothes. Reading that, fellow bloggers offered to buy me all kinds of not-so-nice pants and tee-s. Then again, only a few days before I cribbed about being robbed of two very thin and not-so-good-tasting cheesecake slices by my friends. One of them chanced to read the post and promptly treated me to a very-good-tasting cheesecake. Out of compassion or guilt, I don't give a damn. I got my cake and I love him for it. I shalt from now on cry more often about almost everything in my sight or mind. And hope that more people read my blog.

In the last week, I had, lets see, ummmm
1)home made pizza. which was yummy.
2)some french dessert with french toast and caramel.
3)noodles, crabmeat, shrimp, chicken and fried ice cream in a Thai joint.
4)mid-eastern food consisting of babaganoush, hummus, grilled lamb and kosher chicken.
5)Chinese food, Indian style. just the way I love it.
6)delightful ingira bread, lamb, chicken and tiramisu cake in an Ethiopian restaurant. and I also found out that Ethiopian girls can be very beautiful. our waitress almost looked like Cleopatra's drawings in the history books.
7)Taj Mahal beer. after ages.

All the food, the waitresses, the nice company, the walks through the streets of a snowing New York and two almost satisfying bridge-playing sessions after, I am ready for a new semester. Life has been good in the past week. I only hope to repeat these words every weekend.

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Tista said...

In order to be fair, you should treat others to good food when you have plenty for yourself (just as others did for you when you cribbed). So, when am I getting a parcel from the NY Cheesecake factory? :P

Flittermouse said...

that's why i asked you for your wish list bugger B)

keep posting your cribbing apart from food-stuff...

and clothes??? how come a guy crib about clothes???? crib about expensive watches, crib about goggles, crib about good shoes, crib about bikes, cars.... but not clothes... clothes you wear anything but those are man things...bring in the classiness boss B) like you see i always cry for an SLR, an enfield, percussion and string instruments from various parts of the world....

be a man... stop cribbing about clothes... a pair of levi's and a solid colored tee can always do the job.... B)

March Hare said...

good for you. :)

Amazing Greys said...

i guess i should write about things i want too, then again, nobody reads my blog. =P

Heathcliff said...

oto khele shomoy bhaloi katbe. ar new york??? sigh.

Hatturi Hanzo said...


as Calvin says "the world is not fair" :P


baaje bokis na.



@amazing greys

oitai to problem. if we had enough readers I am sure all our longings would have been fulfilled :D


mor shala charlotte giye :D

Huko-Mukho Hangla said...

1. kudos to calvin 8)
2. who calls tiramisu a cake :P
3. u g2 school in ny? must have loved the freezing weather then...

Hatturi Hanzo said...

I go to school on the other side of the river. and go to NY for fun :D

Huko-Mukho Hangla said...

for fun... :P i guess compared to jersey it is fun >:]

Diviani said...

ooo, and i HAD to read this NOW at 5:30 am, with the next NY trip in march.

the waitresses were moteo cleopatra-like na. they were pretty though. and harassed.

also, i have found an NY food blogger. i now have a list of places to check out. whee.

Hatturi Hanzo said...

you must give out their names to me. i want food too!