Friday, January 30, 2009

These are the two new posters on my bedroom wall. Yay! :D And I also plan to buy posters of "Cannibal holocaust" and "Ichi the killer" tomorrow :D

We are having a saraswati pujo this year too. But the difference is, this year I am the purut thakur. That means I have to find my poite(which I threw away long time ago) and resist myself from eating beef for a whole day. Moreover, I need to sit on the floor for a long time. Which, I am not sure if I will be able to do. But on the brighter side, I will get some dokhhinas surely. And I also get to have batasa, nokuldana, sweets, khichuri, chutney etc. Quite a fair deal, methinks.

And also, Savita Bhabhi needs contributions from us readers to keep entertaining us with tales of her sexual escapades. Please donate and support the wonderfully foxy lady in her great quest of filling the void that is Indian adult entertainment. I am donating. Are you? (and I don't mean, erm, donations in kind :D)

7 blabberings:

Tista said...

A 'purohit' asking for donations for Savita Bhabi?! :D

Hatturi Hanzo said...

yes! the world is strange enough :D

March Hare said...

tumi montro porte paro? :O

bolo dekhi,

saraswati, mohabhage,
bidye komololochone...


Amazing Greys said...

case of the perverted purohit. lol.

Heathcliff said...

aii.. yesyes.. i checked out the site of savita bhabi, theyare in dire need of help from us. come on.. bring it on.

btw, taka diye donate korbo? na sabita bhabi regularly visit kore??

Rioght now i dont have a job, and finding it impossible to bag one any son. the situation is tough. tui kor na donate ektu, taka kamash to.

Heathcliff said...

btw, koddiye kinish ei posterguli?? amio chai. :(

Hatturi Hanzo said...

ami otyonto suddha uchcharoNe montro poRte pari.

@amazing greys

postergulo university campus-e bikkiri kore :D