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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Last thursday I had an exam. And it went....ahhhh....thhikthaak. Nothing extraordinary till now, you say?? I couldn't agree more. Ohh, just a small fact. Before the exam I sat tight in a effing library for three goddamned hours and, ummmm, kinda studied(*makes a straight face*). My mother didn't believe a word of this though. But I seriously did it. I did sit there inhaling the highly polluted air(the air in all libraries are, by default). For the first time in my life I spent more than ten minutes in a library. And I went about bragging about it to two people I know. One retaliated "only three hours? so whats the big deal?". Yeah! She hasn't known me long. The other person simply asked "are you alright?" Thats more like it, methinks.

I was walking around the campus this morning with my new camera in my hand. Clicking anything and everything that took my fancy. In the process I clicked the following pic. And I have been lost in thought since then.......

Should I continue with statistics? Or join the above department? Statistics, I am not so confident about. But alcohol studies, I can surely master the subject(*evilish grin*).

Apart from my future career prospects, another question's been haunting me for a few days. What more should I write in my blog? I have tried personal experiences, moral lectures, absolutely over the top cribbings, lame attempts to entertain etc. etc. What else can I try? And I came up with this. I will from now on, write film reviews too! Not all films, mind it. Only the best that there is. And, my next post will be the first of the lot. So, wait till I come back with my review of one of the most intriguing films ever made in India.........................

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Koyel said...

As a reaction, this is for you:

Take in only the first four lines though; the rest is to play around..


dreamy said...

Alcohol studies? B-)


and reviews are cool too! :P