Geror Khata

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I have always believed that the journey called life is filled with small pebbles of happiness. All you have to do is pick out the right ones. The sultry siren will bear testimony to this. Besides that she's going to hurl some choicest abuses at me for calling her a siren. I still, stand for the truth. That apart, after a week full of depression and peculiar feelings about whatever's been going on around me, I am happy once again. Ummm, happy would be an understatement. Rather, I am ecstatic, jubilant, elated etc. After a lot of effort, lot of criticism, hindrances and a little bit of help from a few people who care, its finally out there. The second issue of our very own web magazine "Geror Khata" was officially published two days ago. We have been putting a lot of effort into publicity since then. And getting some rave reviews too. It can be viewed at
If you drop by this blog please please go through the magazine too. And let us know whatever you think of the effort. Praises, brickbats, we are ready for everything. And we are also ready for some inputs in the form of prose, poetry, features, photos and drawings for our third issue which will be coming out latest by this June. Please get them coming at

5 blabberings:

Koyel said...

Shala kukur er lej kokhono soja hoi na!

Le, etai amar input, for you and for the future issue of Gero'r Khata...onu-poromanu golpo na ki...oi category te dhukiye dis!! :x

The none said...

aha, eto rege jaoar ki achhe? bhalo kothai to bolechhilum. :-( ebar theke
na hoy dekhlei bolbo "honu-te chorbi jome jachhe" :D

Koyel said...

Shala meye insensitive bokachoda..prem er kichhu bujhis na, abar kabyi korar enthu niye ghure beras!

The none said...

Aha! The abuses! I can predict the future with absolute certainty. B-)

March Hare said...

lag lag lag.
ekshotti. bashotti. teshotti.