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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A few snapshots of my second year at Rutgers:

1) I still don't feel like going to classes. I do go, though.

2) I have to work for money. I am now a teaching assistant or a TA.

3) I have no fucking idea of what I am supposed to do as a TA. And its already second week into the semester.

4) I know what I am not supposed to do though. Guess what? I am not supposed to sleep with any of my hot skimpily clad undergraduate students. That is the first thing they told at the TA orientation program!

5) I am taking a course in statistical genetics. Fancy, eh? The genetics part, I only know how to spell it. The statistical part, not much more than the spelling either.

6) Everyone around me seems to be engaged in an international level conspiracy to make me eat broccolis. And I fucking hate it!

7) I get acidity whenever I drink beer!

8) Since I have some antacids at my disposal, I still drink beer. Lots of it. And get splitting headaches and get sleepy. Then I have coffee to make the headache go away. In the whole process I also make the sleep go away. Hence, I tend to remain awake till 4 or 5 in the morning. Unhealthy, to say the least.

9) I religiously call up people who are not very keen on speaking with me.

10) I found out a kati roll place in Rutgers, spent 5$ on a beef tikka roll that is smaller than my "thing" and still boasted about my feat to people back in Kolkata. How pathetic can you get!

11) And I have no better work to do than solving a random online puzzle and writing all this at the middle of the night. Ciao!

7 blabberings:

March Hare said...

Regarding point no. 9, ei je ami compu kharap kore boshe achi, ekbaar-o toh phone koro na mairi! Random lokjonder phone korle ei hoy. Hmph!

Amazing Greys said...

man i feel for you for no 7 & 8 coz i have exactly the same problems. It really sucks.
And isn't no.4 bendable? like u can start pursuing them while they are in college so that you can sleep with them once the graduate or something. =P

The none said...


I"ll call you from NYC. Or Canada, perhaps :P

@amazing greys

5 year plans, eh? Actually I can sleep with them once I am done with TAing their course. Provided, mind it, provided the hot skimpily clad redheads or blondes want to sleep with me :(

Koyel said...

Baal...."sleep" korbe!! Tor dwara pet-e broccoli thasai hobe!!

Aagei bolechhilam, tokhon shononi to....ekhon khaja life niye aantlamo koro :D :D

ad libber said...

eh jatah, you are a statistician, you are one of those people I like ranting against especially.
And broccolis, good god, why have they not been made illegal yet?

The none said...


baaje na boke mod-gnajar byabosthha koro. ami aschhi koyekdin baadei B-)

@ad libber

yeah, statisticians are tortured souls :(

Tista said...

Yet another reason not to eat broccoli- it could stick to your teeth and repel the hot, skimpily dressed girls