81st post

Monday, August 10, 2009

When I was a student in elementary school, the number 10, to me, was the sign of completeness. I would do whatever work was assigned by my mother and after finishing them successfully, would not be pleased until she came and assured me that my effort was worth a 10 out of 10. Not 100, not 1000, not anything else but 10. And 9 just preceeding 10, was the sign of incompleteness to my naive mind. That is when I developed a peculiar liking for the number 81. I have never known why, but I have always loved this number. Whenever someone has asked me to pick a number between 1 to 100(which was quite a no. of times as one of my relatives is a numerologist), I have picked 81 most no. of times. Later, my mind has reasoned that since 9 was a sign for incompleteness to me, 9 squared(which is 81 btw, for the mathemetically challenged, which I am sure there are quite a few amongst my blog readers) was perhaps a symbol for the completely incomplete man that I have grown to be(yes, I have never worn a Raymonds suit). Anyways, I hope everyone gets the drift by now. I mean, this is my blog's 81st post, and I am visbly quite excited about it. So excited that I forgot what I wanted to write about cows. Yes, I did want to write something about cows. But I cant remember what it was about the tame bovine creatures that intrigued me so. Maybe sometime later when my memory stops failing me, I shall. Till then, keep your valuable comments coming about why I end up writing "everythong" or "somethong" instead of "everything" or "something" every damned time. Please to avoid cliches like Freudian slips. I mean, did Freud ever wear slips? Now that is something worth pondering over. So I will, for now.

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idle-labour said...

Some comments:

1. Get married. Your in-laws are bound to make you complete through the "totwo" (comprising of Raymond's suit and other goodies.)

2. You can buy some thongs and thereby get rid of these Freudian slips of writing somethong instead of something. But I'm not sure whether every thong is for you.

3. And did you notice that your intrigue with cows could have something to do with writing some thongs, which is a FORM of chaddi--> which is a common form of underwear worn in the cow belt.....so there, I think I solved the intrigue for you.

And let us know the colours.

dreamy said...

Funny post.
Funny post..
Funny post...


March Hare said...

Kichui jodi ar bolte na dao, tahole post lekha kano bapu? Ranna korlei toh paro!

Hatturi Hanzo said...

@koyel ranu
1) i will. very soon. and then i will keep remarrying every year.
2) thanks. bikini string jockeys are ok.
3) unhu. it was something else.


B-) :D

ki bolte chaas bolei fel :D

panu said...

tor mundu ta shotti-i gechhe.

ad libber said...

As about the Freudian slips, be thankful you were not writing an email to your teacher and ended up messing up with the space bar a bit while writing "about it" shifting the t in about to join the word it.

Something is good enough though.

Hatturi Hanzo said...

hehe :D

that reminds me. the road just next to my dorm is called Titsworth Place :-|