Thursday, November 8, 2007

I was swooning with delight yesterday. This morning all the yayness died as I was hit with another bout of loose motion. Now, thats what I call hitting under the belt. Since then I have been living on a generous diet of nun chinir shorbot and "meklin" pills. Somehow the beef sandwiches don't agree with me. They just don't. For no apparent reason. This is the third time this has happened. And I am not sure if this is the last. At least not till I have those "buy one get one free" coupons for beef sandwiches.

Yesterday was great , though. I turned an year older(sob sob!). Only a few remembered. And fewer called. Most importantly, they all were people who I wished would call. Or remember. I bunked classes. Remained indoors all day. Spent a lot of time thinking, staring blankly at the television, reading and watching two Bunuel films. Didn't even bother cooking. Ordered one beef sandwich for lunch(yippeee! I got another free) alongwith french fries and coke. My Albanian flatmate went on a date with an Albanian girl and after coming back, jokingly said "the girl asked to say hello to you". I answered "what else did she say? that I have the longest d**k she has ever had?". To this the guy didn't reply. Then I drank a little whiskey, alone, to my health. That didn't help though. But still, the whiskey I enjoyed. And went to sleep(which was hampered by the aforementioned bout). Overall, this has been one of the best birthdays I have had. And, I am sure I will be having quite a few similar birthdays in the forthcoming years. To that, Amen!

3 blabberings:

Koyel said...

Felt like reading "Bridget Jones' Diary". Was the song "all by myself" playing along?

Oh...about the sandwiches...probably the beef isn't well cooked. Try a Roast Beef Sub from Subway; that one is healthier and will be easy on your stomach too.

Don't wait till next Birthday....and since I don't believe in wishing "Belated..."'s wishing may you have a wonderful year and get all that you wish for yourself :-)

dreamy said...

beef sandwiches, Albanian couples and loose motion! =))

The none said...


if only good wishes came true! thanks for the woshes anyway. and would definitely try out the roast beef sub. :-D


isn't that a truly unique way to spend your birthday? =))