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Friday, November 30, 2007

One of my orkut-friends(well, we are more than just orkut-friends now) wrote this blogpost about happiness. That is, about what happiness is and how we, the mere mortals spend our lives looking for it etc etc. And she quoted some of my wise wise words in her post. Being the wise person that I am, I expect to be quoted more often. But when was this world fair enough? Ok. That wasn't the point. I was just trying to say that even I can speak loads of good shit about happiness and stuff. Just like Taran Adarsh can be a good film critic.

What? You think Mr.Adarsh writes shit? Well well, he praised "Om Shanti Om" quite highly. And THAT is reason enough to make him a good film critic.

A few days back I was watching this slasher flick. And I reallized that I had always wanted to be a serial killer.

And thats the first step towards it. I have toiled much to make myself look like the most happening serial killer in India now. By the way, that guy has an unique way of killing people. Guess how? With his over the top music and nauseating nasal tone. Add to that his fine array of adjectives which consists of "excellent, mind blowing, fantastic, wonderful" and rebellious dressing sense. I can swear, he will kill you for sure and that too, in style.

Ok, its two in the morning and my thought process is far from being coherent. One of these days I am going to die of overdose. Of sleep, that is. But the brave knows no bounds. So I am off to sleep once again. With a promise to come back soon, with something darker. Much on my usual line. Till then, adios!

3 blabberings:

Koyel said...


Aashiq banaya aapne

dreamy said...

you DO look like him .:O

[just in this snap, i hope]

The none said...


yNeh tNera mNera mNilna......:D


I know I do. Though I am a better singer. B-)