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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Unlike other guys I actually like shopping. I like to go around malls, try out fancy looking tee's and jeans. I even like to buy a few if I have the money. Just a few days before I left Kolkata, I was in Camac Street Pantaloons along with one of my friends. I was looking to buy a watch for myself, and she was looking for one for her boyfriend. After we were done with the watches, another guy came along. Me and him, we were browsing through the men's section for almost half an hour. The girl got so frustrated that when she saw us discussing which Jockey underwear to wear to work, she blurted out "jockey kinis na. amar boyfriend bolechhe jockey-r elastic baaje. alga hoye giye sob dholdhol kore. taarche Hanes ken. tight thakbe". Which literally translates as "Don't go for jockey. My boyfriend said that their elastic's no good and becomes saggy soon. Go for Hanes instead, it keeps everything in place".
Unsolicited advice, I must say. :-|

So, it has been a lean phase for me after I ended up in New Jersey. In these seven months I have managed to buy only a jacket for myself. The jacket, I don't like much. Its pretty warm. But it makes me look fat. Come on, I have lost about 30kgs in two years. And still, when I wear this jacket I look like I weigh over a 100kgs. One of my friends saw me wearing the jacket and said "What the hell were you wearing? A canopy?" I refuse to wear it anymore. Anyone wants to buy a nice, warm, good looking, rarely used jacket? Er, what was I saying? Yeah! I haven't managed to buy any clothing for myself in these seven months. In other words, I haven't had anything new to wear in these seven months. And now, Dreamy asks me to do this fun and nostalgic sorta tag, which I enjoy doing, and suddenly everyone wants to buy me new pair of pants. So, lets see. I've an offer for a pair of pink pants, green pants, purple pants and even "bashonti" colored pants. So that makes four new pairs of pants. Ohh, I so love you people. And I so love the tag. And I am so thankful to the girl who tagged me , I may even offer her the pink pair.

And yes, I have made up my mind. From now on, whenever I need a new tee or a new pair of jeans I am going to do the tag all over again. Fellow bloggers are nice people, you know. :-D

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Phemonoe said...

green na, green na. bol sssobuuuj :-D

MishtiZaa said...

Never knew that Jockey has such a bad reputation :P
U have "Bashonti" coloured pair of pants :O :P

p.s. adding you to blogroll

The none said...


Kaka-prem uttorottor dekhi bridhhi pachhe. Byapar ki?


I didn't know too. It was all news to me. :P And the pleasure's all mine, lady. :-)

March Hare said...

basonti ronger pant ta pore gariahat e ghurte hobe. parbek?

Koyel said...

Rang de Basanti!

Solitaire said...

hey u do not like pink pants??

u should check out what people are saying about pink on men at this very moment on my blog!

dreamy said...

Well thank you thank you.
I love pink :D.

:) :D :)) =))

^ laughter in different stages.

The none said...

@march hare

ghurte parle kothay khawabi?


baaje cinema. khub baaje cinema.


saw the comments. but they are mostly about pink shirts. which I kinda like. but pink pants....... :-(


whats the emoticon for laughing in your dreams? :-P

undifferentiated said...

i vote for's and women' thr.n i kno men who like shoppin as ok.
but bashonti pants...ahem. :)

The none said...


atleast something made that "ahem" come. me happy. :-D