A rather pornographic letter.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The new year didn't exactly have the most interesting start. In fact, its got to be one of the most boring new years I have ever had, Or will have, ever. The campus bus-es weren't running, I being a poor poor grad student, didn't have a car; as a result the liquor shop wasn't quite accessible, it was effing cold, my internet connection got screwed; and for some strange reason I, of all persons, deleted my goddamn orkut account. The resultant of so many different vectors can be difficult to find at times. In this case though, the answer's quite elementary. BOREDOM! A faint ray of hope as we made plans to go to Washington DC. As luck would have it, even that plan didn't work out. Sigh! The year was twenty four days old and yet I had nothing happening in my life that I could blog about.
Now there are persons who don't need things happening to blog. Some blog about ad jingles they used to hum as kids, some about trash cans, some about surreal imageries they cook up concerning dust particles or whatever. And all I can manage to do is go and try some wisecracks at their sincere efforts. Gosh! I am so pathetic. :-(
Ahh, come the twenty fifth day and something out of the box happened. Finally. In the afternoon I went up to my mail box and found a letter with "urgent" written on the envelope. I hurried back home and tore up the envelope. Inside was a self addressed return envelope and a strip of paper. I read the paper once, couldn't believe my eyes, read it twice , couldn't believe it still. It said if I signed the paper and sent it back in that envelope provided, some generous company is going to send me three dvds full of hardcore xxx porn! And that too, for free! Can you beat it? :-D
And alongwith the porn, I also had something to write about. For free, again.

P.S: Ohh, just in case you were interested. Though good porn can be a nice way to kill boredom, I didn't send back the form. Instead, I opened a new orkut account.

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the girl with a zillion namesakes said...

hey but i always thought guys prefer porn to orkut..

undifferentiated said...

weeel, u posted abt not having anything to post...thts a start...the next thing u kno u will be writin of pastel evenings and sushi defects :)

MishtiZaa said...
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MishtiZaa said...

are you by any means COMPARING porn n orkut? well all i can say is -> :O

p.s. are you a guy? who prefers orkut o'er porn!!!!
nice post btw

The none said...

I hope so. Sincerely.
@the girl with a zillion namesakes
and mishTizaa

Yes! Yes! I am guy. And I don't like porn that much. Because I once had 50gb of it and all of it got deleted. I stopped watching porn after that. And orkut's a nice place. Can get way more interesting than any fiction. :-D

Ohh, and thanks all of you for dropping by. :-)

dreamy said...

I think you did a VERY good thing by opening another orkut account. B-)


"surreal imageries they cook up concerning dust particles"??

ektu shona shona mone hochhe kano? :D

The none said...

methinks you have good memory B-)