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Monday, February 23, 2009

Question: What is common between New York City and The Academy Awards a.k.a The Oscars?

Answer: Both never cease to amuse me.

The day before yesterday, I ran off to Brooklyn after I had managed to grade 240 copies in two days. I desperately needed some kind of rest and diversion to make all the numbers dancing before my tired eyes go away. Hence, Brooklyn, to a friend's. On the way I saw a bengali restaurant. Which is not quite a rare site in NYC. But the loudspeaker outside playing bengali songs in full volume sure was. Some firangis stood bewildered and tried to decide what exactly is going on. I stopped for a minute or two and walked away laughing heartily. First time in two days.

Today the 81st Academy Awards were presented. And "Slumdog Millionaire" stole the show with 8 or 9 awards. I found out it also has an imdb rating of 8.7 and stands #37 in their top 250 films list. A.R.Rehman won two awards for his excellent music direction in the film which consists of the very memorable track "bla bla bla JAI HO! bla bla bla JAI HO!"(thanks to a friend for the description). After days of waiting with bated(and perhaps stinking) breath, "Slumdog Millionaire" was declared to be the best film of 2008. We, Indians should definitely be proud of this incredible achievement of a film that is entirely shot in our dearest country and portrays our average population so well. Only, the film lovers should be in a grave dilemma. Whether to send "Delhi 6" or "Raaz 2" as the official Indian entry to next year's Best Foreign Film Oscar category. Mr.Rehman might as well win another lady for his absolutely stunning "Masakkali". Ah, I wish it was Oscars all throughout the year. I would then sleep a happy man every night.

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Amazing Greys said...

no sarcasm? are you sure? =P

March Hare said...

ah. i like a guy who genuinely loves oscars. :P

on the other hand, i did not care two hoots about the other categories, but i SOOOO wanted rahman and the other pukutty guy to win. and they did!

yayness! :D

and though 'jai ho' is certainly not amongst rahman's bests, it is still a nice, catchy, peppy tune. :D

and finally, when i saw a indian clutching the statuette and saying 'mere paas maa hai' on the academy awards stage, to a crowd of exceedingly bewildered americans (but oh, how AMAZING hugh jackman looked. sorry, i digress), i laughed for 2 minutes straight. :D

March Hare said...

also, i think the 'bla bla bla jai ho' joke is really lame.

why do you keep repeating this poor joke every chance you get?

Diviani said...

also Ellapugazhum Iraivanukee!! the man used three languages in his acceptance speech! how astute of him.

and you graded 240 scripts?! in two days ?!

omg! ki torture!

March Hare said...

sorry. ota 'an' indian hobe.

and diviani, have you coloured your hair PURPLE?

Heathcliff said...

its time rehman got an international platform or recognition. of course this is not his best work, maal ta genius, ebar kon kaj er jonnye oscar pabe seta important noy. ajke rabindranath geetanjali r jayga e onnyo kichur jonnye nbel pele amra obak hotam na.. baje comparisn, chaap nish na..

bt seriously, i was holding my breath for best film award...i really did not want sulmdog to win the best film.. its too much.

Heathcliff said...

mere paas ma hain.. was a good one... jodio otar essence ta markini gulo bojhe ni.

Koyel said...

Essence markinigulo bujhbeo na.

btw, bichi...Remotely Related ekta blog entry likhchhi dara, just ekta kotha mone holo :P

Hatturi Hanzo said...

@Amazing greys
quite :D

@madhu &bimbo
I am happy for Rehman too :D

torture-i bote. tar modhye last 50khana khata ekghontar modhye dekhte hoechhe :(

lekha hole bolo, poRbo

Anonymous said...

ok. 1. Bimbo... BOTI?!!! :O ?!!! no way!

2. agree to 99% of the above

3. BIMBOBOTI??!! Sen?!! (sorry, i know only one person in my life who speaks benglish and is referred to as Bimbo)

4. "Heathcliff" ... reminded me of Ledger... liked the guy from before (way before)... even chanced upon a sketch of him that had a tint of real Heathcliff and had it for a while... but this time he is yet another case of uber-hype

5. if it is Bambi aka Bimbo... holy shit it's a small world!!!

Diviani said...

yes, the hair is PURPLE. i tried once before. with actual purple. it washed out. so i tried a pink shade. it looks purple now. yay. =D

Hatturi Hanzo said...

Ok. Now my blog is officially a meeting place for long lost friends and also a place for discussing women's hair colors. Not that I am complaining. As long as more women flock here, I am happy :D

Hatturi Hanzo said...

Oh, this goes out to Miss Huko Mukho. If you are trying to convey that THE JOKER didn't deserve the award then I have a pretty good mind to hunt you down and torture you till the end of time!

Anonymous said...

i never said he didn't deserve it. i consider joker to be the ultimate nemesis of my ultimate hero (and batman IS better that superman) and Heath Ledger did a superb job on his own. I just wish his death didn't overshadow his work.

and torture is my hobby, don't make it yours now ;)

and so it IS Bambi!!!
ps - she is not long lost, but she will have her butt kicked the next time i'm in cal (yippee)

Hatturi Hanzo said...

who compares superman to batman? superman is just a freak who wears ridiculous red underpants over a blue costume and flies with a hand stretched out in front. batman, on the other hand is plain awesome. Bale and Nolan makes him awesome on screen too!

Bimbabati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
March Hare said...

hahaha. is this dwitiya?

and why, pray, will you kick my butt?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

i think i'm in love with you (whoever you are) Mr. Hatturi Hanzo. lol.

Anonymous said...

and yes u evil lil munchkin. this is dwitiya, adwitiya only to .. well.. everyone :O .. oshobhyo eli na (although it was literally a last min trip & dinner-ish-thing)!! .. toke na diye kotto kichhu khelam amra... :P

March Hare said...

arre, ami nandana ke sms kore bollam toh je ami jete parbo na.

tor number hariye phelechhilam. :(

3 diner jonno toh eshechhili. ami VIP manush janish na? :D

and please don't be in love with hatturi hanzo. bish harami chhele. with no cinematic or musical sense whatsoever.

Hatturi Hanzo said...

is this still my blog? or jadavpur coffeehouse? i want my infusion. gahh!

my sole purpose of blogging has finally been achieved. i have made a woman fall in love with me. *gloats and laughs hyaterically* this is Nirvana :D

Heathcliff said...


fell for hatturi??? he is no HEATHCLIFF woman. He is a glutton, who eats to sleep and sleeps to eat.

Ledger is ethereal. Yes, he is. he is sooo eatable. Its sad, and I dont think his death has overshadowed his performance as the joker. Rather the performance of the joker has given his death a whole new dimension.
the performance was so strong that it pushed him to the edge.

Heathcliff said...

and I am biased.

Anonymous said...

@ Bambi: thik achey thik achey... summer-e ashi.. dekhe nebo ..VIP treatment-i paabi... domaddom! :P

aar bish harami chele je batman/joker fan!! ki kori bol..

@Hatturi: nirvana eh? keep on blogging.. maybe you'll attain poly-amorous niravana ;)

@Heathcliff: Heathcliff (Bronte's/Ledger) he is not indeed... hence, love.. not passion ;)

and bias is good. it's the best. i think i fell in love with Ledger in one of the few chick-flicks i like.. 10 Things I Hate About You...

his apartment was right near my friend's, so when we saw the cops & media standing around we were in shock :( i always though he was under-appreciated and would do many more movies... sigh

PS - Mr. Hatturi, we have taken over your blog. you are now our slave. :P

Hatturi Hanzo said...

dont listen to bimbabati. its just that we had a night of crazy monkey sex and she has been after me since then. I keep telling her that I wont hook up with her but she doesnt listen. so its not her, but the sexual tension speaking. I am not actually bish harami or anything close :D

March Hare said...

i DO NOT believe i am participating in this conversation!

this guy is evidently delirious.

poor kid. why don't you have a romp in the hay with some memsaheb? because i am SURE frustration is the root of all problems.

p.s. do monkeys have particularly wild sex? just wondering!

Heathcliff said...


Right, the feelings are mutual babu.
Ledger.... *sigh* I know, I have seen that it tooo :D

and this old hag called hatturi is nothing but a rotten perv. Monkey-sex that to with Bimbo!!!

Though its funny.. I cant even imagine what it would be like.
khnyak khnyak khnyak khnyak!!!!

yeah!! right!!! with her mom alive that aint gonna happen.

bimbo - shanto how ma.