Friday, July 27, 2007

Once upon a time, there were three brothers. They embarked upon a journey together. Days passed, weeks, months. And one morning they saw a beautiful fountain ahead. As they went nearer they saw an extremely beautiful girl sitting by the fountain. On seeing the three brothers, the girl said “my name is Beauty. Come hither and speak of what you think of me”. The eldest moved forward and said “my name is Any one and as he sees your breathtaking beauty, Any one wonders if he could make love to you”. Then, the younger brother moved forward and said “my name is Some one and as he sees your beautiful eyes, Some one thinks if could marry you and have children with you.” Then the youngest brother moved forward and said “my name is No one and as he sees your most charming self, No one thinks he doesn’t desire but only loves you.”

To this Beauty answered “Any one desires me, Some one wants me and No one loves me. I could have embraced Any one, married Some one. But I have decided to love No one.”

5 blabberings:

Koyel said...

Ekdom 'Pyar ka superhit formula' likhechhis!
Bottomline: if you want to be 'the one' be the 'no one'! :D

dreamy said...

Deep thought.Well expressed

The none said...


Film-er script likhi, ki bolo? :-P


Thanks. :-)

Whim said...

a moral science lecture??

nicely put though..

The none said...

why? do I generally sound or look that immoralistic? :-(