A (very)short story

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

His beloved mother often accused him of being forgetful. Little did she know, how he spent his days yearning to forget.

He has always likened himself to a rock. Has always tried to take life as it comes. Pain, happiness, solitude, he received all with a nonchalant look in his eyes. But deep down, he longed. Longed with all his might for what he had no hope of acquiring. And at times when it bore down on his mind, he wished that he could forget everything. Every damn thing!! But then, forgetfulness is a bliss. And he was not blessed.

False accusations, he thought.

Naive old lady, he laughed.

"Bless me, o God!!!!!!!", he cried.

Disclaimer: Likenesses to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

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ss said...

Liked the disclaimer! :P

suddha prasad said...
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Shan B said...

The addition of the disclaimer was quite necessary. :)