Friday, November 14, 2008

I have suspected it for long. Now I have proof. Alcohol does open the floodgates of my creativity. I have been planning to write this short story for the last two months. I know exactly what I want to write. But somehow, I couldn't decide on the how part. Last night, a peg of Jack on the rocks and voila! I hope to finish it in a few days time and send it to where I want.

P.S: IIM Indore released their yearly online puzzle Klueless 4 a few days back. And I am already loving it. Those interested can check at Klueless . All the best.

7 blabberings:

Tista said...

Do post your short story, or send it over, when its written. Please?

The none said...

will do. but its in bengali.

March Hare said...

you DO know that i don't like you, right?

Amazing Greys said...

arrey NOW you know the secret to creativity!
must read this short story though, especially coz its alcohol influenced! i love those kinds.

Amazing Greys said...

PS: I'm loving this game... hehe its, erm, tricky. :)

ad libber said...

Oh my god, Klueless 4 has me obsessed. I would blame you for this, but I am loving it.

The none said...

@march hare
and I love it.

@amazing greys
leave me your mail id and will send it.

@amazing greys and ad libber
yes, Klueless is totally awesome. I solved Klueless 1 and 3. And now, am almost done with 4. its addictive, very.