Monday, November 10, 2008

This must be the end. I am sure. In a few days I will either drift to complete insanity or die. I can tell. The sign, is, here.
Oh about the sign, I spent an hour on my bed, turning all possible ways, trying all possible postures and still couldn't sleep.

Did I mention I bought myself these two large size posters?

And as a result got the below for free. Yay!!

I watched Amir Khan's new film "Ghajini"s trailer. Its supposedly a hindi remake of Nolan's "Memento" where Amir puts on a blue shirt and dances around on a sea beach and sings romantic songs. So much so for Nolan's ass. Anyway, the trailer turned out to be a good comic relief as I fell off my chair laughing. And now, some persons may come after me and actually try to kill me as I write out the next sentence. "Taare zameen par" seems to have been chosen as India's oscar entry which goes on to show why we haven't won any in all these years. And to think of it, the selection committee in all probabiliies haven't even heard of "No smoking". At this point of time, I say "peace!" and talk about other not-so-controversial things.

I dreamt that I had won the first prize in a bangladeshi quiz show hosted by Chandril Bhattacharya and received a free tram ticket to Dhaka downtown. I had no idea whether the bangladeshi's were aware of the uptown, downtown concept till I came across this

Wonderful creation, this.

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Amazing Greys said...

Gah, i'm so jealous i won't write anything nice.
I can't sleep & i don't get any supercool posters either.
Bollywood should flush itself down the toilet. I felt like banging my head on the wall when i saw this ghajini song & dance routine on TV. I mean Memento such great a story that anyone should remake it, whatever made it great was Nolan's technique & they go & screw it.
Screw them for a change. For every time a Hazaron Khwahishey Aisi or a Mr&Mrs Iyer made way for a Devdas or a Paheli at the oscars.
Screw em all.
(I wasn't supposed to write anything but this seems to be the longest comment i've ever typed out.)
I'm too lazy to watch the vid now, so no comments on that. maybe later when i do watch it. But then again i'm so jealous i won't write anything more. *stick out tongue*

Koyel said...

I for one, would go and watch Ghazini for sure. C'mon, who makes good comedy these days?

At least our bollywood intellectual Aamir Khan is tryin'!!!

And the video is intolerable beyond 10 seconds.

The none said...

@amazing greys
=)) =))

comedy partTa ekdom thhik. kintu videoTa hebby. bangladeshi rap, kotha hobe na :D

March Hare said...

God, forgive them. They know not what they say.

Heathcliff Ranting... said...

ha ! ha ! ha!

Amir khan thought he would blend an OSO good looks and tare zameen paar "intellectualism" (if u wanna call it so) in Ghajini.

shala body baniye fello.. shei to shahrukh khan er poth ei elo bawa... ta oto ghur-poth e ashar ki chilo???

na na... even I would watch ghajini. why not?? sounds like fun. :P
emniteo priyadarshan comedies are becoming so monotonous.

The none said...

heh heh. ebare family troubles shuru hobe :D

March Hare said...

chaap nio na.

tomar-o shuru holo bole! :P

The none said...

never B-)

March Hare said...

dream on!:p