Friday, November 7, 2008

My closest buddy called me up and proudly announced "dude, you'll never be on the right side of 25 again".

Few minutes later, he again said "in 5 more years, you'll be 30!". Well, thanks for the breaking news.

I always thought I was the king of pimples. I mean, I am 25 and still the pimples refuse to leave my pockmarked face that resembles the dark side of the moon. But yesterday I saw my Taiwanese roomie had a pimple as big as my right ball. He had to go to a health center and get a plaster on it. And he is like 29 years old!

I had the wrong notion that I can still gulp down 750ml of whiskey in a single night. I could manage only half of it. And fell asleep.

I watched the India Australia ongoing test match for 10 mins. India were cruising at 85 for no loss. At the end of that 10 min period, India were 101 for 3 wickets.

When everyone was going berserk over Mr.Obama's victory and crying to his wonderful speech, I was busy watching "Who's nailin Paylin".

I am old. And I am a loser.

Please pray for me :(

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March Hare said...

so at long last you realize. :D

well, think of it this way. at least you are not delusional. :P


ad libber said...

umm, Happy Birthday?
(The question mark signifies my uncertainty regarding whether you really want to be wished or not)

And pimples happen. My mum who, well, has definitely crossed her twenties a significantly long time back, still suffers from them.

And now I do not know whether that will make you happier or otherwise.

The none said...

@march hare
i am honest B-)

@ad libber
thanks for the wish.

and I am not sure whether that piece of information pleases me or not. it may signify that there're people older than me troubled by pimples. that is indeed good news. but it can also signify that I can also have pimples when I am old. that, is not good. and now I am confused.

Amazing Greys said...

25 seems like a happy age until you hit it, i still comfort myself by thinking that it's still a few months away.
Birthdays are depressing. :(
So are pimples & even i still get them, it started when i was 21. :(
Happy Birthday anyway.

Koyel said...

I'm older. And I'm loser-er.

I'm 29, and still have pimples.

Apparently, pimples do not leave people age-wise, or who are diet-wise and leave a pattern among those who blog wise.


Heathcliff Ranting... said...

Chap nish na. Shit happens. and pimples are normal, it will probably never leave you. but then what the heck!!!

you are 25 and a loser.. i am 24 and have been a loser all my life.. so again.. what the heck!!

as long as we keep appreciating good booze and good company and healthy BITCHING!!!

who cares.

happy bichi-day.

The none said...

@amazing greys
mine started when I was 16. some claim that I was called "bronolota sen" in school. I don't remember though. and thanks for the wishes.

karma? subhash ghai? Dr.Dang? wonderful film :D

right right. to booze. amen.

Somnath said...

gurujon-der utshorgo na korey whiskey kheley oi hoy...brombhoshaap jakey boley....

The none said...

tomar to bapu whiskey khele bodhojom hoy

Tista said...

I didn't get pimples in my teens. Now, there's a spot on my forehead that keeps getting them. Some more unhelpful news for you, I guess...