Like a rolling stone!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Last monday, around 2 in the afternoon I was sitting in a Manhattan bound F train and staring at the subway walls. Not trying to read the words of the prophets though. And I hear that the previous reference will be lost on students of Comp. Lit. in SUNY(courtesy Diviani). The duo should have written songs about Calcutta. Anyway, there I was sitting in a subway train and utterly bored. Then enter two African American women. They come and sit right on the seats on the other side of the aisle and start talking loudly. Now, I could have done without mentioning loudly. African American women talk a lot, and when they do they talk loudly. They don't perhaps know the art of whispering. They even scream a lot. When they are happy and not having sex and also when they are happy and having sex. And before you ask questions, my Italian roomie used to screw one such lady. What else they did, I do not know. But I could hear the moaning from two rooms away. Ohh, yes. The two women in the subway. Now, when I paid attention to them, they presented an interesting spectacle. They were quite peculiarly dressed. There was no question about the femininity of one, while the other quite looked like a man with breasts. But the US is a weird country. There are people with all kinds of gender here, some even unknown to imbeciles like me. Having such an enlightening reallization, I turned my head and resumed my staring at the walls. Suddenly something moved. And the next moment, the woman whose gender was quite perplexing, hit the floor of the train. And started rolling. She stopped at my feet and looked up at me. With the looks of a famished stray dog looking up at a tea-stall owner for a biscuit. I was even more perplexed. She was defnitely not a dog. A bitch, I wasn't sure. And I also had no biscuits with me. So I sat, looking back at her. She then got up on her knees and stumbled to her seat. Thus, relieving me of the shame of not offering her a biscuit or something similar. As I turned my head and fixed my gaze once again on the dark walls, I heard them bursting into fits of laughter and almost falling on the floor. Time and again. This went on for five minutes or so when my stop came and I sprang out with the agility of a drugged Ben Johnson. Before the doors closed, I looked at the woman who took my seat and prayed that she had some cookies to offer when the rolling lady came asking. Did I mention, the two of them were completely stoned? Rolling and stoned? Uh, I live in a mediocre world!

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March Hare said...

Add a Beatles pun and you will have covered almost all the favourites.

Hatturi Hanzo said...

how about the stoned lady singing to me
"Hey dude, dont be afraid.
I was made to roll over and get you.
The minute you let me under your seat,
Then I begin to make it better."

Amazing Greys said...

when i become a film maker who makes films that are too weird & nonsensical for other people to watch, i'm gonna take this story & make it into a short.

Diviani said...

rolled maney? goriye goriye?

Hatturi Hanzo said...

@amazing greys
do i get a part? :D

hNya. literally. goRiye goRiye :D

Heathcliff said...

hneh hneh....

she rolled???!!!! how stoned was she??

hmm... i thought something else rolled... :|well,you werent sure about the gender. :P

dreamy said...

interesting :D

Amazing Greys...are you looking for an assistant? :D

Diviani said...

hah hah. nice background. /bandwidth expired/ indeed! =P

Hatturi Hanzo said...

:( blogger ditched me :( i have to get back to old template :(

Amazing Greys said...

of course you get a part.
do you wanna be the roller?
or do you wanna be, um?? the rocker???

dreamy... assistant? tui i to sob hi-fi film student, if you work with me, ami e to assistant hoye jabo. In fact i'll be reduced to the water girl if i work with people like you. =D

mojo said...

umm...suggestion : "roll over beethoven" ??