Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today facebook asked if I wanted to add Suddha Prasad Bagchi as my friend. I suspect facebook might just be a bit more weirder than this aforementioned person.

Oh, this same person was trying to ping me and make small talk with me on gtalk earlier today. I successfully blocked him. And I have absolutely no idea how he came into my gtalk list.

15 blabberings:

Amazing Greys said...

of all the people in the world, they chose YOU to be cloned secretly!

March Hare said...

kotoi rongo dekhi duniyay, etc.

ad libber said...

Why do not I understand this?

Hatturi Hanzo said...

@amazing greys
now, did they? or did they? they should open factories and clone me on a mass scale. the world wold then be a beautiful place to live in :D
@ad libber
because the other two are aware of the fact that MY name is Suddha Prasad Bagchi :|

Heathcliff said...

ki adikhyeta mairi...

Diviani said...

someone is impersonating you? :O !

Hatturi Hanzo said...

no. I have two gmail ids. and I try to talk to myslef :|

ad libber said...

Ah, see, I was not aware

Now I do understand it.

Diviani said...

hey bhagwaan.

dreamy said...

I have added myself on yahoo.

but facebook? jata!

Anonymous said...

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