Being incoherent.

Monday, March 2, 2009

1) I spent a whole day listening to Mohd.Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar and Manna Dey. I think I am getting old.

2) Being self-obsessed has its own merits. For one, you could be totally happy with your own cooking.

3) Its snowing again. Gah! I hate it when it snows for just a few hours and then stops. That way we don't get our classes off and the streets are all messy for the next couple of days. I would rather have a blizzard anyday.

4) Pintsize is the new benchmark in haramigiri. Go check him out here.

5) Never ever watch Hollywood made horror films. Ramgopal Verma ki Aag can be far more entertaining.

7 blabberings:

Huko-Mukho Hangla said...

Re: #1 - that is NOT the definition of getting old!

March Hare said...

you should thank me in this post. officially. for introducing you to pintsize.

Amazing Greys said...

no5... i agree completely. Also, the Scary Movie flicks were actually better than the ones they spoofed.

Hatturi Hanzo said...

@huko mukho
i know. but this kind of music suits me only once in a while, not for a whole day. kintu kaalke it felt really good. seijonye bhablam boyes hochhe bowdhhoy :D
@Miss Bimbabat Sen
Please accept my sincerest gratitude for introducing me to the wonderful world of Pintsize.
@amazing greys
mairi! porshu "walled in" bole ekTa dekhar cheshTa korchhilam. "Delhi 6"er thekeo kharap cinema :(

Heathcliff said...

what do you mean by you are getting old?? you are old. jeez!! havent you noticed the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth? havent you seen those strands of grey hair?? and what about the beer belly???

ami stoneman murders dekhlam.. amar kintu ota khub ekta kharap lage ni... mane hindi thriller to dekha jay na, stoneman murders ta besh legeche...jodio ekta adha-lyangto meyer ekta zoghonnyo gaan chilo.

Hatturi Hanzo said...

adha lyangTo meyer naach is good :D

Huko-Mukho Hangla said...

can never say the same about men. too bad :P