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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bangla panus have always amazed me. The extremely interesting descriptions of the human body, the very peculiar sound effects and the wonderful titles, what more could you possibly want? I still remember the first book I read. It was called "Shashurir Joubon". During the school days, with no cd's or dvd's handy, these books were all we got. We used to get them from footpaths in College street, outside Shealdah railway station and later from old book sellers in Golpark. But we still were oblivious of things more worthy than these books. We didn't know bangladeshi panu books existed. Now, thanks to the wonderful thing called internet, we have access to the treasury of Bangladeshi panus. And god, they are the most raw and purest of literatures. They are works of art in themselves. The minute I am moved by the narrative in "Foxy begum saheba", I go on to read "Jounotar bondore nishidhho sukh" and wonder silently at the sheer creativity of the author. I really wish these authors will get their due credits someday. I, for one, would never forget their contributions in contemporary bengali literature.

And I am particularly happy because someone I know also writes bangla panu in her blog. Go and see if you can find them :D

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March Hare said...

as i have been saying, spit. and drown in it, effing weird-linker-to-my-blog person!

Amazing Greys said...

eeeew! *runs away fast*

Satraa said...

Ei Shuddho, ekta panu blog khulle kemon hoy? Open to all hobe, ami-tui aar jar jar ichcha hobe contribute korbe. What say?

The none said...

heh heh heh :D

@amazing greys
you know not what you miss

bherry good idea brother. chaw chaw khuli. blog, that is :D

Heathcliff Ranting... said...

hya hya... satra r idea ta khub e inspiring..amio likhbo.. kintu amra je ko jon thakbo same naam e likhbo jate exactly bojha na jay je ke likhche othocho jaate andaaj kora jay.

ami savita bhabi dekhe khub inspired. :D

Anonymous said...

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